Insanity MAX 30 meal plan

This week is a bit of a crazy week for me. We have plans every night of the week, busy work weeks, a 5 day clean eating challenge and week 2 of my Summer Prep challenge group! Whew! You can say preparation is KEY for me this week.

With my FREE 5 day clean eating challenge, I will be joining my group members on their meal plan because it fits within my Insanity MAX 30 meal plan. One of my favourite things about this program is how simple the meal plan is. It’s just like 21 day fix, i.e the most simple and easy to follow meal plan ever. Here are a few goodies I’m enjoying this week…

  1. Eggie Cups – a quick breakfast on busy mornings. I like to put peppers, onions and mushrooms, but you can put whatever you want for vegetables. Pop them in the microwave, pair with a piece of whole wheat toast and 2tsp natural PB!
    Eggie Cups
  2. Broccoli and Cheddar stuffed chicken – an oldie but a goodie! This stuffed chicken is so tasty and easy. Packed with nutrition and also great for left overs. Paired with brown rice and/or a garden salad.
    Broccoli and Cheddar Stuffed Chicken
  3. Chicken Parm – If you know me, you know this is one of my top 5 meals. It’s the best comfort food without packing on tons of fat and calories like traditional chicken parmesan. Paired with whole wheat pasta and asparagus.
    Chicken Parm
  4. Burgers – one thing that people say when they start on a health meal plan is that they’re never going to have a cheeseburger again. NOT true!! You can enjoy a yummy BBQ burger with cheese if you want, just in the right portions! Here’s a simple burger in a lettuce wrap. If you’ve never tried lettuce wrap you must! Also paired with sweet potato and carrot roasties.
    Hamburgers with Fried Onions and Sweet Potato

I sure don’t go hungry on my meal plans. There will be a couple glasses of wine tossed in there on the weekend that’s for sure 😉 Why not?! It fits in the meal plan!

Have a great week!

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